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The alarming deforestation, devastating climate change, and the deterioration environment put the future of our children to question. This project was initiated for children (5 to 15 years) in Cameroon for experiential environmental education. The goal of the project is to Raise Young Climate Ambassadors that will champion the course for a greener, sustainable, and safer planet Earth.

Through folktales in Campfire sessions, climate education, climate media & arts sessions, climate information gathering the establishment of community orchards, planting of trees in public spaces, raising trees and restoring degraded watersheds and landscapes etc. we want to boost the zeal of these youngsters for climate actions and species conservation.

 The trained climate ambassadors are actively educating their peers in their communities and schools. This we believe will go a long way to raise young leaders that are environmentally aware and that will take proactive actions towards climate action, environmental restoration and hence limit the rate of forest loss in Cameroon.

The program is Meg Wah’s flagship annual program being jointly developed and implemented by Meg Wah and Voice of Nature (VoNat). The project has raised 950 young climate ambassadors from the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon after 5 consecutive years and about extending to other Regions of the country.

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