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Partner With Us

Partner with Us

Our Needs

1. Water Pump for Bulu Blind Center

We are in need of a pressure pump worth $1,000 in order to to pump water to a the Bulu Blind Center in Buea, Cameroon, a community of students who are unable to see. The center has over 40 students all of whom are blind. The school is facing a serious water crisis due to the currently supplied water pressure pump malfunctioning and being ineffective. This is a major issue as to obtain water the blind children must cross over a high way road just to fetch this necessity. They are therefore exposed to dangerous conditions such as being run over by a car, knocked down or harassed. If you care about the welfare of these vulnerable students please donate through the ‘Make A Donation’ section or contact us for more information!

2. Land for our Demonstration Farm

We would like to purchase a section of land worth $3,000 in order to begin forming our demonstration farm. This farm will focus on select indigenous food crops that are sadly on the verge of extinction as a result of introduced GMO’s into the market place. Such an initiative would allow community members to learn and cultivate such crops, and retain traditional methods and environmental preservation. If you would like to learn more or contribute to this goal please visit our ‘Make A Donation’ page or similarly contact us!

Become a Meg Wah Ambassador

We wish for our organization to operate in other countries around the world to spread our impact and protect our environment. Therefore, we are looking for people who can represent us in various ways and locations. We want to build a network of environmental ambassadors –  if you are interested, please email us and fill in our contact form (available in the ‘Contact us’ section) and we will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss further!

Become a Volunteer or Make a Donation



We appreciate any help or contribution in the form of donations in order to conserve our environment and improve environmental education for kids. Help Meg Wah revive environmental consciousness and protection by donating below – thank you!

Account Name: MEG WAH
Account Number: 0220882629880201
MEG WAH Address: Chief street, bomaka-Buea
IBAN Code: CM2110029260220882988020171
Name of Bank And Branch: Ecobank, Buea branch.