About our Founder/Director.

As an adventurous child, I was so attracted to nature, hunting and growing vegetables for my family. I could not bear leaving my community for further studies. Later on a visit back home, I saw how timber exploitation and unsustainable agricultural practices were causing water shortages and soil infertility. The passion to see the undefiled environment I interacted with arose in me.

I studied environmental sciences in the University of Buea, Cameroon, which gave me a theoretical understanding of some of the detrimental effects of man’s activities on the environment. This helped me connect the dots of my experience with nature during my childhood. During this time, I and a few friends set up an organisation to clean up the environment and educate other students about the benefits of the same. My growing concern for nature protection and the quest for empowerment to do the same landed me to Kanthari International Training institute for social visionaries in India where I was equipped with the skills needed to jump fully into living my dreams. Our daily activities in one way or the other contributes to degrading the environment. It is my greatest wish that we all join hands to ensure the sustainability of our planet.

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